Commands of Christ

Commands of Christ - A Bible study for today's Firefighters and First Responders from FCFInternational

The Commands of Christ Bible studies originated out of a one on one disciplship time with one of our members. After studying Matthew 28:18-20, they came to the verse that says "teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." The question was raised, "what is all that I commanded you?" The Commands of Christ Bible study was born.

These 49 Bible studies are not in any particular order. The number 49 is also not sagnificant. One could show evidence that there is more than 49 commands of Christ in the New Testament. The number 49 was chosen because of the movie Ladder 49.

The Command of Christ are good for one on one discipleship times or local group Bible studies. Chech out our discipleship ministry to see if you would like to begin one in your department.


Devotion Bible Lesson Video
Intructor I Class Essentials of Biblical Discipleship Video


"And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."


1 Fear Not Fear
2 Be Reconciled Speed
3 Await My Return Staying Awake Video
4 Love Your Neighbor I Mean No Harm
5 Love the Lord Love For the Fire Service Video
6 Ask in Faith Do You Have Faith Video
7 Ask, Seek, Knock Knocking on the Chief's Door Video
8 Beware of Coveteousness Jimmy's New Truck Video
9 Be Wise as Serpents Snake Handlers Video
10 Hear God's Voice Listening Video
11 Go to Offenders Progressive Discipline Video
12 Pray For Laborers Recruitment and Retention Video
13 Despise Not Little Ones Cadet Program Video
14 Deny Yourself Selfish Ambitions Video
15 Beware of Leaven Making Bread
16 Repent About Face
17 Follow Me Follow Me If You Want to Live Video
18 Rejoice Receiving a Tough Assignment
19 Let Your Light Shine Lights On Video
20 Honor God's Law Honoring God's Law
21 Do Not Lust What's the Problem With Lust Video
22 Keep Your Word What is Your Word Worth Video
23 Go the Second Mile Daily Devotion
24 Love Your Enemies Love Your Enemies Video
25 Be Perfect The Pursuit of Perfection Video
26 Practice Secret Disciplines Bad Boy Society Video
27 Lay Up Treasures


Hiding Equipment

28 Seek God's Kingdom Looking For Your Cell Phone
29 Judge Not First Impressions
30 Do Not Cast Pearls Do Not Wear a Dress Uniform to a Fire
31 Do Unto Others Golden Rule
32 Choose the Narrow Way Low Profile Maneuver Video
33 Beware of False Profits Bad Instructors Video
34 Take My Yoke Bailout System
35 Honor Your Parents Handing Out Certificates Video
36 Make No Other Oaths Good Intentions
37 Forgive Offenders Student Loan Foregiveness for Firefighters
38 Honor Marriage Don't Touch the Third Rail
39 Be a Servant 28 Years of Service
40 Be a House of Prayer Asking For Prayer
41 Bring in the Poor Fire Based EMS as Primary Care
42 Render to Ceasar Tee Shirt War
43 Take, Eat, Drink Firehouse Meals
44 Keep My Commandments 125 Unless Otherwise Ordered
45 Watch and Pray Complacency Kills
46 Feed My Sheep Cooking For a Retirement Dinner
47 Baptize My Disciples
48 Make Disciples Explorer Post
49 Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me Donning Your SCBA Video





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