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The Encourager Magazine has been encouraging firefighters and first responders since 1977. Written by firefighters and first responders, the Encourager Magazine is desiged to help readers grow in their faith and equip them to serve God. Each page challenges readers to follow God in today's fire service as they seek to glorify Him in the department He has called them to.


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spring cover Spring 2019 Edition In the eye of the storm. What storms are you passing through as you serve in the fire service? Check out what veteran firefighters and first responders have to say about this subject and see if it encourages you in your walk with Christ.
winter edition Winter 2019 Edition This edition of the Encourager Magazine looks at the topic of Accountability. What does the Bible say about accountability and how does it relate to today's fire service. Read articles from Rick Barton, Frank Schaper, Andrew Starnes and Marvin Hart.
fall cover Fall 2017 Edition Firefighters have you lost your passion for God? This edition of the Encourager Magazine looks at reigniting the passion within.
summer edition Summer 2017 Edition Have you lost all hope? This edition of the Encourager Magazine will look at the topic of hope. Our writters will encourage you as you serve in today's fire service.



If you would like to submit an article to the Encourager Magazine you can email you article to the International off at Those with ideas on how to improve the magazine or suggest a topic can call Craig Duck at 443-336-9859.





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