Africa Fire Mission Trip Devotional

Rescued and Reformed



Rescued and Reformed About
June Conference


Encouraging News From Africa Fire Mission


Dear Faithful Friends and Faithful Supporters of AFM
Mariakani Fire Brigade
Zambia 2017



Now that You Have Committed to Go - Now What?


Congratulations, you have committed to going on a short term missions trip. So what should we do next? You wouldn't think of entering a burning building without training, so don't go on this trip without any. We recommend that you begin this devotional 15 days prior to going. We trust that these short devotions will help you to be better prepared for the journey. Why not get a few others together and do them? You will be encouraged and better prepared to serve.

Before You Go Be Prepared
Day 1 Going to Africa
Day 2 What is My Motivation For Going
Day 3 What's the Difference in Departments
Day 4 Why Does Poverty Exist
Day 5 What Can I Do About Poverty
Day 6 When Does Helping Hurt
Day 7 Helping Without Hurting
Day 8 Helping Without Hurting/Train
Day 9 Helping Without Hurting/Empower
Day 10 Helping Without Hurting/Support
Day 11 Helping Without Hurting/Encourage
Day 12 How Will Christ Be Honored
Day 13 Making An Impact
Day 14 Look Out For Spiritual Warfare
Day 15 Making Final Preperations
On The Ground Here We Go
Day 1 Day 1 In Africa
Day 2 Day 2 In Africa
Day 3 Day 3 In Africa
Day 4 Day 4 In Africa
Day 5 Day 5 In Africa
Day 6 Day 6 In Africa
Day 7 Day 7 In Africa
Day 8 Day 8 In Africa
Day 9 Day 9 In Africa
Day 10 Day 10 In Africa
Day 11 Day 11 In Africa





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