Table Top Discussion

Table Top Discussion

Specifically designed for firefighters and FCFInternational's small groups


The Bible has a lot to say when it comes to studying the Bible. Christian firefighters and first responders should regularly get together for the purpose of fellowshipping, praying and learning how to please God. These little one page study tools are designed to get small groups moving in that direction. Let us know how you like them and what topics you would love to see. Contact the International Office to share your ideas and to let us know you are using them.



Have you ever suffered with grief? Firefighters are like everyone else and experience grief when loved ones die. See wht the Bible has to say about grief.

Small Group Discussion on Grief


Everyone wants to know how to get to heaven and firefighters are no exception. Who is eligable for heaven? How do I get in? Learn what the Bible has to say.

Small Group Discussion on Salvation


What does the Bible say about prayer? 

Small Group Discussion on Prayer







What does the Bible say about HOPE and how should that affect Christian Firefighters?

Small Group Discussion on HOPE





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