Line of Duty Death


Line of Duty Death (LODD), words that no first responder wants to hear. When a department goes through a LODD it can be stressful, discouraging, and even lonely. FCFInternational wants you to know that we are here for you. What ever your need, please do not hesitate to get a hold of the International Office. We want to put you in touch with folks who care and can help you through your LODD. These resources have come from our members and from other ministries that we support. We hope and pray that they are a blessing to you in some small way.

Bible Ministry

FCFInternational would like to make available to your department and the family of the LODD member a Bible with the name of your first responder prominantly placed on the cover. Our staff will make every effort to have these Bibles available before the funeral. Contact the International Office at 443-336-9859 to place your order for the free Bibles. 


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Resource Description
Ringing of the Bell Departments will utilize the ringing of the bell at the internment (grave side) or the end od a service with no internment.
Dispatchers Final Announcement Departments will utilize this announcement instead of the ringing of the bell.

Presenting the family with the helmet is a great way to honor the deceased. A note of caution is presenting a burned up helmet that smells of smoke to the family of a firefighter who died in a fire.

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flag presentation

Presenting the family with a flag of the United States is a common practice at the graveside service.

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Federation of Fire Chaplains Funeral Guide




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