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FCFInternational members on occasion will speak at local churches, proclaiming the truth of God's Word. God has provided many members who are skilled in Biblical studies. Contact the International Office if you would like an FCFInternational member to speak at your local church.


June 17 -21, 2013

Wayne Detzler ministers to first responders through his teaching of the Word at Family Camp in Black Mountain, North Carolina. If you never heard Wayne speak you will be blessed and challanged by his ministry.


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Wayne Detzler Lesson I
Wayne Detzler Lesson II 
Wayne Detzler Lesson III 
Wayne Detzler Lesson IV 
Wayne Detzler Lesson V 
Wayne Detzler Lesson VI 






March 17, 2013            

President/Missionary Craig W. Duck speaks at Grace Baptist Church in Laurel, Maryland. Craig spoke on the Giants among us, the story of David and Goliath.





International Board Member Tommy Neiman delivers message to first responders.





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