On-Line Bible Studies

On-Line Bible Studies


On Line Bible Studies  

FCFInternational now offers on-line Bible studies. The first 100 first responders to sign up will enjoy an interactive on-line study from the Word of God. Enjoy a refreshing and instructional look at the Bible from a first responders point of view. Be a part of a community of caring Christians who are serious about reading and studying the Word of God.



Click of the red underlined What We Believe to register for the class.

Bible Studies are 1900 hours Eastern Standard Time 

Date Bible Study - Registration Instructor Time Video Bible Study
10/2/2014 Completed Craig Duck
Video Bible Study
12/11/2014 Completed Craig Duck
Video Bible Study
01/08/2014 Completed Craig Duck
Video Bible Study
09/21/2015 What We Believe IV Craig Duck Video
12/14/2015 What We Believe V Craig Duck 1900 EST Bible Study
What We Believe VI









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