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Will you Commit to Pray for our First Responders? 

Co ChurchThe Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International needs the support of local churches. FCFInternational is looking for like-minded individuals and churches who want to impact the fire service for Jesus Christ. On the outside first responders seem to have everything together, but on the inside most first responders are spiritually dead and do not regularly attend a local church. Everyday we see first responders driving their fire trucks, ambulances or police vehicles up and down the streets, yet most people give little thought to who the people are inside these emergency vehicles. Most of the time we get upset that we have to get out of their way. Our prayer is that God would touch the hearts and minds of first responders through His Son Jesus Christ.

The Mission Field - The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) estimated that there are approximately 1.1 million firefighters in the United States of America. Worldwide we can only make a guess as there are no figures available. That is a lot of individuals and families that can be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ by FCFInternational with your support. In America 70% of those 1.1 million firefighters are volunteer firefighters. who serve their community in over 53,000 different stations. NFPA estimates that fire apparatus are responding to calls every 24 seconds. These statistics do not include the number of people in Ambulance departments or ambulance responses. Will you commit to praying for our first responders?

Vision - To glorify God in the fire service by building relationships that turn first responders hearts and minds toward Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:11), equipping them to serve Him (Ephesians 4:12).

Mission - to encourage one another to share the vision with the fire service community through Witnessing, Praying, Teaching the Word, and Walking worthy.


Churches can sponsor by - Praying for first responders, getting involved, and through regular financial support


Prayer - First responders put their lives on the line everyday for their community. The job of a first responder, both paid and volunteer, is difficult and challenging both physically and mentally. They need our daily prayer. First responders also need our prayers for eternal life and for encouragement to regularly attend a Bible believing local church.

Getting Involved - Local churches can get involved in their local department by signing up to clean the station once a month, bringing them baked goods or birthday cakes for their birthdays, holding a thank you service (Blue and White service) once a year, or cooking them a dinner. Some local churches set up a FCFInternational local chapter in their buildings to help encourage first responders.Most first responders that I know who attend a local church are some of the most dedicated members I know, that is who we are. You church can benefit by making an effort to reach firefighter for Jesus Christ.

Regular Financial Support - Local churches can help support our ministry. FCFInternational provides Bibles for fire stations, gives personal Bibles to first responders, provides Bible studies and resources specific to firefighters, Supports widows and orphans in need, holds leadership and family conferences, and conducts missions trips here in the United States and worldwide. Mistry costs money and we are praying for churches to help support this ministry. We suggest churches send $1,600.00 a year to help the ministry. Your gift will enable us to use $400.00 for our Bible ministry, $400.00 for our missions ministry, $400.00 for our Widows and Orphans support ministry, and $400.00 for our FCFInternational missionary and office support. Thank you for considering this world wide ministry that seeks to glorify God in the fire service.

You can contact the International Office if you have any questions or concerns.


Sharing the Vision

Sharing the VisionThe International Office has developed a Sharing the Vision Document to assist churches in discovering the ministry of FCFInternational. Church leaders can review the document and contact the International Office with any questions. We appreciate your support to this vital ministry to first responders.



Sharing the Vision Document






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Emergency Evacuation Plan - FCFInternational has developed an Emergency Evacuation Plan to assist churches in the event of emergencies within your worship facility. Please take a look at the plan and pray about implamenting the plan at your facility. You may contact the International Office if you need any assistance with getting started.


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