Poems and Prayers

Poems and Prayers

Poems and Prayers


Poems and Prayer have always been used by Christian Firefighters to be able to provide hope and healing in a time when people are hurting. Read the Psalms for other inspirational encouragement during those dark times. God wants to be an encouragement To His people.

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George Washington's Daily Prayers

A series of morning and evening prayers from George Washington's Journal, a glimpse inside the heart of the founding father of the United States of America.
Sunday Morning Prayer
Almighty God, and most merciful father, who didst command the children of Israel to offer a daily sacrifice to thee, that thereby they might glorify and praise thee for thy protection both night and day, receive, O Lord, my morning sacrifice which I now offer up to thee .... Read More

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who is that there



Who is That There by Chaplain F.D. Epperson

Who is that there, through thick black smoke, who covers that child with a bunkercoat? who breathes in life .... Read More





A Leadership Prayer

Lord, let me first to awake that I might lead my family. And last to bed that I might ensure their safety. Let me be the first to admit I am wrong .... Read More




Firefighters Boots

Hey Mom!! He yelled from the attic door, What's these old heavy boots and hard hat for? With a lump in her throat and a tear stained cheek .... Read More


firefighter prayer





Firefighter's Prayer




Alvin William Linn Firefighter's Prayer
Author Unkown Firefighter's Wife
by Verna Thomas The Cross in My Pocket
Author Unknown  Firefighters Wish 
Author Unknown  The Firefighter 
by Toby L. Russell  A Fire Run 
by Carolyn Kay Carr  A Mother's Prayer 
Author Unknown  A Firefighter's Glove 






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