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Bible Studies for First Responders

Bible studies are an important part of the Christian Firefighters walk. Paul tells us in II Timothy 2:15, "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth." (NKJV) Just like the first responder who studies to become an officer within his/her department, A Christian firefighter need to regularly study their Bible. FCFInternational prays that these studies will help you to draw closer to God.

Studying Your Bible

It is vitally important for Christian firefighters to regularly read and study their Bibles in order to grow in your faith. Don't know how to study? Check out our article that helps walk you through the process of studying.

Firefighter Study Group

Group Studies

After completing a study could you please take a few moments and fill out our survey. Our prayer is to provide practical Bible studies that encourage first responders to have a meaningful relationship with God. Your input will go a long way to improving our ministry.

Bible Study Survey

Bible Study Author Description
Suicide Craig Duck and Daryl Clements Suicid is on the increase among first responders. See what the Bible has to say about this subject.
Forgiveness International Board Many people struggle with forgiveness. See what truths the Bible has to say.
Redeeming the Time by Craig Duck Many people wonder what is going on in the world. Could it be that folks are Biblically Illiterate? Check out what the Bible says about redeeming our time.
Judging by Keith Helms Do you know what the Bible says about Judging? Check out this Bible study from Keith Helms on the subject.
Fruit of the Spirit by Craig Duck Do you know the difference between the fruit of the spirit and the works of the flesh? Look into Galatians 5 to see what God thinks of Christian firefighters actions.
Sword of the Spirit by Rob Hitt The sword of the Spirit is part of the armor of God in Ephesians chapter 6. Learn what the sword of the Spirit means to today's firefighters.
The Parable of the Sower by Craig Duck This parable has much to teach Christian Firefighters about our heart attitude when it comes to receiving the Word of God.
Faith Factors by Rob Hitt How does faith play a part in the fire service. See how faith was demonstrated in the life of Jonah and how you can deepen your faith with your walk with Christ.
7 Holy Spirit Facts by Wayne Detzler What do you know about the Holy Spirit? Check out what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit.
The Nut Behind the Steering Wheel by Craig Duck Set your mind on things above - Learn how to live a godly life in the fire service.
Pornography International Board Members A Comprehensive Bible study on the addiction of pornography in the fire service.
Second Chances by Craig Duck Breakfast with Jesus - Jesus gave Peter a second chance and continues to give His people second chances when they mess up.
The Cursing of the Fig Tree by Craig Duck A lesson on the importance of faith in prayer and the purpose of the Christian First Responder.


Armor of God


Ephesians Project

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Leadership Video Notes from our Members
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Lesson 2 KJV Video
Lesson 3 KJV Video
Lesson 4 KJV Video
Lesson 5 KJV Video
Lesson 6 KJV Video
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Lesson 9 KJV Video
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Final Test
Ephesians I Video Ephesians II Video Ephesians III Video


Romans study by Wayne Detzler

International Board Member Wayne Detzler tackles the tough book of Romans in this study. This timeless study of Wayne's walks you through the entire book of Romans and challenges first responders to walk in a way that is worthy of the high calling of Christ. See if you have what it takes to finish this challenging study.

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Study Description
Lesson 1 Good News for a sick society
Lesson 2 Morality verses Righteousness
Lesson 3 Right With God
Lesson 4 Reconciliation With God - The Possible Task
Lesson 5 Justified by Faith
Lesson 6 The Path to Holiness (Sanctification)
Lesson 7 The Dilemma of Sancitfication
Lesson 8 Free in the Spirit
Lesson 9 Children of Promise
Lesson 10 God's Means of Grace
Lesson 11 God's Unbroken Mercy on Israel
Lesson 12 Living a Life of Worship
Lesson 13 Christian and Culture
Lesson 14 Six False Assumptions
Lesson 15 The Key to Human Relations
Lesson 16 Final Words to the Romans



Back to Basics

Everybody needs to attend a Back to Basics training class from time to time. This Bible study is designed for the new believer or the someone who has not matured in the faith. Our prayer is to strengthen your faith through the knowledge of the Bible and we hope this study will equip you in your walk with Christ.


Study Author Description
Salvation by Craig Duck In a world that teaches many roads to heaven, learn what the Bible has to say about salvation.
Scripture by Keith Helms Learn what the Bible says about how it was written and who wrote it. Is the Bible still relevant for today's firefighters? 
The Church by Dan Clegg Are we required to go to church or can I just watch an on-line sermon. Discover what the Bible teaches about church.
God by Wayne Detzler Who is God and what does He expect from firefighters? Learn what the Bible has to say about this subject.
Jesus Christ by Craig Duck There is a lot of controversy surrounding Jesus Christ. Find out the truth as written in the Bible.
Holy Spirit by Rob Hitt Learn about the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, in this study of the Word of God.
Man by Keith Helms What is the purpose of Man. Learn what the Bible says concerning who man is and what his destiny is.
Last Things by Chris Duck Not sure what the end of the world will look like? Find out what God has revealed to us in this study.


Marriage Study - Treating Your Spouse Like a Chief

Click on the study number to view the study.

Study Author Description
Marriage 1 by Craig Duck The Bible is our key to successful marriages. This study introduces the concept of a Biblical mariage.
Marriage 2 by Craig Duck C - is for communication
Marriage 3 by Craig Duck H - Honest
Marriage 4 by Craig Duck I - is for Inimacy
Marriage 5 by Craig Duck E - is for Encouragement
Marriage 6 by Craig Duck F - is in Forever


Armor of God


Study Author
Introduction and the Belt of Truth Craig W. Duck
Breastplate of Righteousness Craig W. Duck
Feet Fitted with the Gospel of Peace Craig W. Duck
Shield of Faith Craig W. Duck
Helmet of Salvation Craig W. Duck
The Sword of the Spirit Craig W. Duck
Praying Always Craig W. Duck



God's Grace



God's Grace for Christian Firefighters

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Rapid Intervention for Christian Firefighters

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Love Letters



66 Love Letters

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Jesus in every book


Jesus is the Theme of Every Book in the Bible

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