Daily Devotions for First Responders by First Responders


FCFInternational provides short Bible devotionals that challenge the mind with tried and tested Biblical principles while making them relative to first responders. These devotionals help us to learn more about God through stories first responders can relate to.

If you would like to post a devotional please contact the International Office. We would love to share them with other first responders.  

Click on the red underlined words in order to view the devotions.





Today Fireground Formulas by Craig Duck
Yesterday Fire Attack 101 by Craig Duck
3-16-2019 Replacing Worn Equipment by Craig Duck
3-15-2019 Restraints by Craig Duck
3-14-2019 A Way of Escape by Craig Duck
3-13-2019 Following the Water Trail by Craig Duck
3-12-2019 Upside Down by Craig Duck
3-11-2019 The Almighty Reigns by Wayne Detzler
3-11-2019 Wearing the Right Uniform by Craig Duck
3-10-2019 The Wrong the Call by Craig Duck
3-09-2019 Remembering the Past by Craig Duck
3-08-2019 Entrance Exam by Craig Duck
3-07-2019 We Need More Line by Craig Duck
3-06-2019 Defensible Space by Craig Duck
3-05-2019 Restoring Order by Craig Duck




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