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Video Devotion Bible Study
Highway Visibility Highway Visibility Let Your Light Shine
Finishing Well by Craig Duck Finishing Well Finishing Well Bible Study
2 In 2 Out by Craig Duck 2 In 2 Out Not Available Yet
Blind Caps by Craig Duck Blind Caps Not Availabe Yet
Mercury Nozzles Mercury Nozzles Not Available Yet






The fire service is very good at utilizing the Incident Command System for emergencies. Firefighters, officers, and chiefs are very familiar with “sectoring out” emergencies in order to maintain the span of control and ensure that adequate resources are available for the emergency. Terms like groups, divisions, and task forces have become common place in discussions amongst managers.


The Fellowship of Christian Firefighter International is currently seeking individuals to lead discussion groups called “Tail Board Talk Groups” (TBT groups). These groups are designed to get small numbers of first responders interested in meeting together for Bible study, prayer, and encouragement on a regular basis. Unlike the local chapters which involve a little more administration, tail board talk groups are designed to be less formal. Leaders of TBT groups need to be an active member of FCFInternational and have completed the application process.  


Once approved as a group leader, your TBT groups can operate with minimal guidelines. TBT group leaders are encouraged to study the Bible, pray for one another, and encourage one another as the needs of the group present itself. Whether you meet in a coffee house, firehouse, church, or residential house is up to you. FCFInternational has some videos and Bible studies available that will assist you in your group discussion.

Hook Up


Hook up - Members are encouraged to hook up with other first responders (2 to 5). Find out what is going on at their station, in their families, and in their lives.

Look up - After talking about what God is doing your life, look into God's Word. Whether you use the TBTG videos or use a Bible study guide from FCFInternational its time to get serious about studying the Word of God.

Pray - After studying the Word of God members need to pray for one another. Find out the needs of those in your group and faithfully pray for each others needs.



So what are you waiting for? Fill out an application and begin your own TBT group today. Let’s change the fire service for good, one first responder at a time.



Tail Board Talk Group Videos

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Video Author Devotion
125 Unless Otherwise Ordered
Guarding Our Marriages by Craig Duck
2 In and 2 Out by Craig Duck
Accountability by Craig Duck and George Rabiela Accountability
Ceiling Hook by Craig Duck and George Rabiela Ceiling Hook
Drill Time by Craig Duck and Martin Sedegah Drill Time
Lazy Firefighters by Craig Duck
Lights Video by Craig Duck and Martin Sedegah Lights On Devotion
Principle Part Video by Craig Duck Principle Part Devotion
Tools Video by Craig Duck  Fully Equipped Devotion 
Cutting Tools Video  by Craig Duck  Cutting tools Devotion 






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