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Do I have to become a member of FCFInternational?     No, you do not have to become a member of FCFInternational in order to take adventage of our resources. We do offer memberships to those who would like to support the ministry. Memberships help the International Office to place Bibles in stations all across the world, place New Testaments in the hands of first responders, assist with missions projects, provide funds for the widows and orphans fund, as well as asssist our missionary with travel expenses. If you would like to become a member visit our membership overview page.

How do I get a Bible to place in my station?    Bibles are placed in stations free of charge. FCFInternational asks that your chief or executive officer sign a Bible placement form in order for us to send out your free Bible. Visit the Bible Ministry page for more details.

I am interested in starting a chapter, how do I get started?     Currently FCFInternational has three different types of groups to serve the needs of first responders. The Tailboard Talk Group, the small group, and the local chapters are available to help your department get started. Check out the Ministry section under the Starting a Chapter page.

Where do I find the videos for the Tailboard Talk Groups?   Simply go to our Members section and click on the Tail Board Talk Group button.





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