The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International 

Ministering to First Responders since 1977

The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International began in the Denver area in the early 1970's when two Christian Firefighters, having a Bible study on Hebrews 10:24-25, saw the importance and need Christian firefighters to support and encourage one another in their daily walk. That Bible study led to monthly meetings of concerned and interested firefighters. In 1977, the Lord used a conversation between two firefighters, Duncan Wilkie of the Denver Fire Department, and Ron Melott, formerly of the Portland, Oregon Fire Department, to show the need for such a fellowship on a national basis. Because of their conversation and the interest shown nationally, the pilot group, also including Bob Crum and John Barker, organized the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters, International: a nonprofit, nondenominational organization, incorporated in Denver in 1977.


FCFInternational has had five President/Missionaries since its beginning in 1977


Duncan Wilkie   Duncan Wilkie - Duncan Wilkie had agreed to become the first President/Missionary of FCFInternational. Duncan had joined the Denver Fire Department in 1955. He had come to faith in the early sixties, 1963 to be exact. In 1971 Duncan was promoted to Lieutenant, and had also served as vice president of the local firefighters' union. Prayer set the pace for the early years of FCFInternational. God blessed those early years in a mighty way and FCFInternational was able to see growth, both spiritually and with those joining the ministry. One of Duncan Wilkie's goal is to place Bibles in firehouses around the world.




Bob Crum   Bob Crum - Bob first served as secretary of the newly formed ministry known as the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters. One of the main jobs of the secretary in those days was to publish the Encourager. In the first addition Bob reminded the members and readers that they had claimed Hebrews 10:24-25 as the purpose of the group. When Bob took over as President/Missionary he reminded the members of the vision of the ministry; "To glorify God by encouraging, equipping, and challenging all Christian firefighters to make an impact for Christ through their individual and collective ministries in the fire service mission field worldwide". Many of Bob's initial programs of FCFInternational are still followed to this day.



Bill Guindon - Although Bob Crum did not resign formally until December 1992, Bill Guindon had long been a familiar face to FCF chapters and leaders. After serving with the Astoria, OR fire department Bill relocated to Colorado Springs, where he entered a Navigator leadership program. In 1989 Bill was appointed to the position of Fire Service Liason and given the responsibility of connecting chapters across the country and also in Canada. Bill continued to use the term "Fire Liason" during his tenure as President/Missionary of FCF and made developing relationships with local chapters and members his number one priority. Bill served God and the membership faithfully until his departure in 1995.


Gay and SueGay and Sue Reynolds - In 1995 it was Gay and Sue's blessing to accept the position of missionary for theFellowship of Christian Firefighters International. Sue also served as the editor of the newsletter, The Encourager, and Gay served as President. In 1995 Gay and Sue were able to move the International Office into their home near Fort Collins, Colorado in order to cut the ministries overhead. 

January 2013 marks a new change point, one of many, in their lives. Gay and Sue both accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior as children and while they never walked away from that relationship, it took on a new perspective when they married in 1967 and started their family in 1970. Gay and Sue have been blessed with a wonderful daughter and son, their equally wonderful spouses, and five grandchildren.

Shortly after Gay and Sue were married they moved to Bakersfield, California where Gay used his MBA in industry prior to buying a retail business: Reynolds Trophy and Awards. Sue used her Masters in Education and specialty credentials to teach at the elementary through college level before stepping into ministry as a director of childrens' ministries at Calvary Bible Church.

Another major change point occured in their lives in 1994 when their children married and moved to Colorado. Family is second only to God in their lives. Consequently they sold their business and their home, retired - so to speak - and headed to Colorado. A year later, Gay was active in the Livermore Fire Department, noe the Livermore Fire Protection District, along with their Pastor and several members of their small rural church. One church member and their pastor - both of whom were on the fire department - were also active in the board of the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International and asked Gay to accompany them to Denver. The current leadership had stepped down and there was no apparent leader standing in the sidelines. Gay and Sue prayed for a ministry to serve the Lord together, and God clearly opened the door.

Gay and Sue now look forward to serving FCFInternational in a new capacity. They have obtained their chaplaincy certification from the Federation of Fire Chaplains and FCFInternational International board members emeritus, and are planning to continue to reach out for the Lord to first responders and their families at home and as they travel throughout the country.

The Reynolds consider it a blessing to see how God continues to bless many in the fire service including firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and dispatchers through the fellowship, encouragement, and prayer available through FCFInternational. They hope to be God's tools in reaching more first responders with His love, comfort, peace, and grace.


Craig and HollyCraig and Holly Duck - January 1, 2013 Craig and Holly Duck were elected to the position of President/Missionary of FCFInternational. Craig and Holly are excited about serving God together in this ministry to first responders. Both Craig and Holly have accepted the Lord as their personal Savior, and have been serving Him their entire marriage. Craig and Holly enjoy serving God together in the ministries they have been a part of.

We live in exciting times, Craig has told the members recently. Never before has FCFInternational been able to minister to first responders worldwide in such a short amount of time. With today's technology we are able to reach first responders with the Gospel of Jesus Christ without even leaving our living rooms. The computer age has allowed FCFInternational to be able to use technology in order to challenge first responders to make an impact for Christ in the fire service, just like Bob Crum had encouraged members to do years ago.

FCFInternational currently utilizes the computer in order to conduct on-line Bible studies and individual disciplship programs. We look forward to the day when thousands of members will join in on marriages seminars, Bible studies, and leadership training. God is so good to allow us these opportunities. As we meet on a regular monthly basis, via gotoMeetings, we are praying earnestly how God might use us in this great missions field that we call the fire service. Join us in prayer that all of us would be faithfull to God as we serve Him at our local stations. Ilook forward to seeing what God will accomplish through you.




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